Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saolos, New Commentary and Christian Geek Central!

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Spirit Blade Productions Newsletter, October 30th, 2012
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Saolos Finished Recording!

A few weeks ago Sean Anthony Roberts flew into town for the weekend and carried out a series of marathon recording sessions to complete his work for Spirit Blade 3. (Final title TBA. But soon, I think!)

I planned ahead and budgeted my time with the benefit of past experience, resulting in an enjoyable weekend that was stress free and just tons of creative fun.

Those signed up for The Spirit Blade Insider Program will get a "fly on the wall" sneak peak and a portion of the script for Spirit Blade 3 in the coming weeks! For more info on how you can become a Spirit Blade Insider, check out our donation page!

Spirit Blade Special Edition Commentary, Part 5!

This week I've released Part 5 of my all-new commentary for Spirit Blade!

I talk about the role music and EQ balancing play in "improving" an actor's performance, how my artistic influences have changed since first creating Spirit Blade, and the mistakes I had to undo when re-mixing "Deadly Game". Plus, how "Deadly Game's" vision of Hell compares with what the Bible actually does or does not teach.
Download Part 5 of my commentary on our "free stuff" page!

"Christian Geek Central" Coming Soon!

Early in 2013 I plan to launch a new website called "Christian Geek Central". I've already secured the domain name but I've been keeping the details under the radar. (In fact, this news tidbit is a newsletter subscriber exclusive right now!) For now, I can say that it will be a companion site to Spirit Blade Productions, which will still be getting a makeover in the coming months.

The idea for Christian Geek Central came out of brainstorming and discussions with my web designer about the new Spirit Blade Productions website. Some great ideas came out of those conversations, but we soon realized we were talking about a new website that would be distinct from the Spirit Blade Productions website. And the initial content for Christian Geek Central will determine some choices we make for the redesign of the Spirit Blade Productions site, so it makes sense to get Christian Geek Central going first.

The site will first launch "unofficially" in early 2013, at which time I will only be telling the existing Spirit Blade Underground community about it. From there, work will continue on the Spirit Blade Productions website as we build content and community for Christian Geek Central. Once CGC has a good amount of content and the kind of community activity supporting it that I'd like to have in place, we'll probably do a site redesign for Christian Geek Central as well and then officially launch CGC to the rest of the world!

Sound confusing enough for you? Stay tuned! More details will be coming soon!

Thanks for your continued support of me and Spirit Blade Productions!

As always, there's a TON more to explore at!

-Paeter Frandsen

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy  
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