Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Videos and 30% OFF DOWNLOADS!!

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy
Spirit Blade Productions Newsletter, February 28th, 2012
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Script Finished And Card Game Advancing!

At long last the script for Spirit Blade 3 is finished! (Though I STILL haven't decided on a subtitle yet.) I have put this script through more peer review than any of my previous projects and I think the extra time and effort will pay off. I'm very excited about the final version and can't wait to start recording!

Right now I'm beginning to make travel plans with two of my out of state actors, and very soon I'll be putting together audition materials for the other roles! I hope to start the audition process in late March or early April. (It seems I'm destined to always record these projects in my stuffy office during the hottest time of the year!)

Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game is also picking up steam. I've begun doing more playing simulations myself to iron out some rules and will start into play testing soon! I plan to take a week off in March to go "off the grid" and spend all of my time working on the card game. I'm hopeful for a release before summer arrives, but we'll see what God has in store!

Two New Videos!
(Please note, if you do not see either of the videos below, you can easily view them at the Newsletter site or our Youtube Channel.)

After a month off, I'm back in the swing of our monthly special feature releases!

This month's video is part 2 of the "Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream" script read-through. Hear an entire section of uncut narration and find out why I decided not to have any "magic" in this story!

And as an added bonus, I've also uploaded a video version of the Pilgrim's Progress trailer to Youtube, to make it easier than ever for you to share it with friends and people on the web!


Woohoo! Time for another BIG SALE!!

Many of you will be doing some traveling soon for spring break. Why not spice up the drive or drown out those crying babies on the airplane?

From now through Sunday, March 18th, all of our download products are 30% off at the Spirit Blade Productions Store!

Spirit Blade: Special Edition and Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual can be purchased right now for just $6.99 each! And Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream can be downloaded for just $3.49!

Download all three of our audio dramas for just $17.47! (Tax free! That's all you pay!)

You can also buy the song bundles for "Spirit Blade: Special Edition" and "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual" for just $3.49 each!

These are some of the biggest savings you'll see all year on our products, so spread the word and don't miss out!

Blade Runner Winners!

Congratulations to Winston Crutchfield, David Arington and Nathan Norman, who each completed the last Blade Runner mission before anyone else. (And these guys were FAST!) They will each have a character named after them in Spirit Blade 3! Well done, guys!

And thanks to all of you who support our work. It's a labor of love but you all make it possible. Have a great month!

-Paeter Frandsen

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy

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