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What's Coming This Year!

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy
Spirit Blade Productions Newsletter, January 25, 2012
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Spirit Blade Productions In 2012!

After some very welcome time off, I'm back in the saddle and geared up for a HUGE 2012! God promises tomorrow to no one, but if we're on the same page with him, as I aim for and hope we are, here's some of what's coming this year:

Although 2011 may have seemed like a "quiet" year for Spirit Blade Productions, 2012 will be making up for it! We've already held the official read-through of the script for "Spirit Blade 3" (final title still TBA) and I'm itching to move forward with auditions, which will begin sometime in February or March! So stay tuned if you wanna be involved!

I will also soon be polishing the script for the second episode of "Pilgrim's Progress", which I will schedule a read-through for in a few more months and then hold another set of auditions to cast it.

In February, we'll see the release of our first contracted Enhanced Audio Book, "The Golden Knight: The Boy Is Summoned"! I've finished mixing the project and can't wait to have it out there for you guys to enjoy! Stay tuned for an official release announcement soon!

And sometime between now and June we'll be releasing "Spirit Blade: The Adventure Card Game", which I will be spilling more beans about in the coming months!

There are a few things that may also be coming to make the back half of the year interesting, but it's still too soon to talk about them. In the meantime, please keep this little company in your prayer time, asking that God will empower it, and all those involved, to accomplish his plans for it this year, and that I will have the wisdom, discernment and willingness to take it wherever he wants it to go.

Upcoming Changes

Recently it's become necessary to adjust my work schedule significantly to better serve my wife and two boys. The amount of time I spend working will change very little, although my day to day routine is being put on its head. And adjusting to this new schedule will mean a few things will have to slow down or be put off for a week or two and I'll need to make some long term adjustments to better leverage my time. In the short term, that means I won't have time to release a new Special Feature this month. But in the long run I think some great changes are in store!

Blog posts are now much more likely to go up in the evenings and I'm also planning a change in the regular content of both the Spirit Blade Underground Weblog and Paeter's Brain. My plan is to temporarily switch to a twice weekly posting schedule on Paeter's Brain (instead of three times) while retaining the regular schedule and content for the SBU Weblog. However once I have my ducks in a row(hopefully in just a few weeks), I plan to stop posting to Paeter's Brain and instead place the posts that would normally appear there elsewhere.

Little random tidbits of what's on my mind will now be shared on our forums. The movie reviews, my odd game or book reviews and philosophical musings about Geekdom from a biblical perspective will soon be posted on a new blog designed specifically for that purpose. I will also include an archive page that contains all of my past reviews and some other posts from Paeter's Brain. This new blog will serve as a growing resource for Christian Geeks who are interested in engaging in their faith more as they enjoy the crazy fun that sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic books offer.

In the end, I'm hoping this will allow me to leverage my time a little better and bring more focus (and more readers!) to the content I put online to represent Spirit Blade Productions.

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions as I prepare to move into this new territory, I'd love to get your feedback!

Have A Character In Spirit Blade 3 Named After YOU!

As you may already know, there's a fun way to get involved and reap rewards with Spirit Blade Productions! As a Blade Runner!

From time to time in this newsletter, I feature a "Blade Runner Mission" that anyone can participate in. A task is presented (usually something to help promote Spirit Blade Productions) along with a deadline and the reward. Complete the task and e-mail me the proof, and you get the reward!

And the reward for THIS Blade Runner mission (a revival of a previous mission) is possibly the biggest one yet!
Here are the details-


The Reward: Have a speaking role in Spirit Blade 3 named after YOU!

Winner(s) will provide me with their first, middle (or nickname of choice) and last name. I will select one of your three names to use as a name for one the speaking characters in Spirit Blade 3.

The Mission: Write and post a review of "Spirit Blade: Special Edition" (150 words or more) on the album's page at Amazon and i-Tunes and be one of the first three people to send me the proof.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 29th

You can reach the Spirit Blade: Special Edition Amazon page here.

In the i-Tunes store, simply do a search using Spirit Blade, then select the album "Spirit Blade: Special Edition", scroll down below "Customer Ratings" and you'll see the option to write a review.

You can use the same review in both places. What you write and how you rate "Spirit Blade: Special Edition" is entirely up to you, but your review(s) must be at least 150 words.

To complete OPERATION: AMA-TUNES and receive your reward, e-mail a copy of your review(s), Amazon username and i-Tunes username to: paeter(at)spiritblade(dot)net. Once I've confirmed that your mission is complete and that you are one of the first three people to complete it, I will notify you of your success and request your name information for use in Spirit Blade 3.

Good luck!

As always, thanks for your support of what we're doing. Your prayers, purchases and word of mouth assistance are never taken for granted. See you next month!

-Paeter Frandsen

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy

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