Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spirit Blade Productions Office Tour Video

Although there was no newsletter produced for the month of December, I didn't want to wait until this month's newsletter to let you know about a new video I've released!

For those curious about what my work space looks like or what kind of equipment I'm working with, be curious no more! In the summer of 2012, while Michael Tully (the voice of Raan Galvaanik) was in town to record for "Spirit Blade: A World of Shadows", I recorded a video tour of my office. Without intending to, I sat on this footage for almost a year, and then recorded some more to reflect the update my work space received around this time last year.

I've stitched both videos together to give you a look at both the work space I've used since Spirit Blade Productions launched in 2006, and the upgraded work space I've been working in since the spring of 2013.

You can watch the Spirit Blade Productions Office Tour video, and all of our other behind the scenes videos, on our Youtube page. Enjoy!

-Paeter Frandsen

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