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2013 Resolutions And Thank You To YOU!

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Spirit Blade Productions Newsletter, January 21st, 2013
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2013 Resolutions

 Well, it's the start of a new year, which means a new set of hopes and dreams are in front of me that I'd love to see come about. But as I look back at previous January posts, I notice how bad I am at predicting what will actually happen for Spirit Blade Productions in a given year, or even a given month.

Last year at this time I hosted the reading session for Spirit Blade 3, with plans to begin casting in February or March. In actuality, I decided to focus on recording the returning actors first, saving new casting for later (which is now looking like February or March of THIS year.)

The "Golden Knight" audio book was released as planned, but the Spirit Blade Card Game was set back by significant redevelopment. (Far from abandoned, however! I'm considering a release date that will build toward, or coincide with, the release of Spirit Blade 3!)

As I'm reminded again, tomorrow is promised to no one, and our plans can only be made with the understanding that God's agenda may be very different from our own. However, taking that into account, here are some goals for 2013:

1. Launch the unofficial (alpha, if you will) version of in February.

2. Finish recording all Spirit Blade 3 principle actors by May. (Those remaining include Randy Hesson, Holly Frandsen and Myself)

3. Hold auditions in February-April and begin recording secondary roles before May.

4. Complete half or more of the mixing work on Spirit Blade 3 before December.

5. Decide on the subtitle so I can stop calling it Spirit Blade "3"!

6. Launch the new version of the Spirit Blade Productions Website before May.

7. Launch the Christian Geek Central Network (more on this later).

I'm aiming conservatively this year, so it's hard to imagine that most of these things won't happen. But God has taken me through so many unpredictable turns over the years that I'm trying more and more to keep a loose grip on the steering wheel.

Whatever may come, I'm committed to Spirit Blade Productions' vision of encouraging, equipping and inspiring Christian geeks like you and me to live more and more for Christ!

I hope you'll continue to join me for the ride and maybe even become a part of how the engine works!

Thank You!

As some of you may know, I've been mixing all of our projects on the same computer since 2004. It's hung in there for longer than I've had any right to expect, though not without prohibitive glitches and lagging performance.

A very special package arrived over the weekend that I'm very excited about. (The above picture was taken just before it shipped out to me.) But first, I have some thank yous to hand out today, as I prepare to open up and connect my new, super-awesome, work computer.

First, I have to thank my brother in law, Sean Corbett. He is both a fantastic musician and a technical wizard, with far more years of experience and know-how with audio production than anyone I've met. He offered to custom-build a mixing computer for me a few months ago, making it possible for me to have a computer that will meet my needs (and then some!) for many years to come, at a price far less than what I would  have paid for it otherwise. (In fact, I COULD'NT have paid for it otherwise!)

I also need to thank my older sister, Jhannea and her husband Chad. She is not a sci-fi/fantasy/horror fan by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, over the years we've come to disagreements over geek-genre entertainment on a few occasions. But Jhannea believes that the work I've committed to, inspiring, encouraging and equipping Christian Geeks to live for Christ, is important. So despite geek-entertainment and culture not being a passion of her own, she and her husband recently made a significant, sacrificial, and very moving donation to Spirit Blade Productions, that paid for well over half of the cost for my new computer. This wasn't just love for her brother. This was a gift from a man and woman who want to serve the Kingdom of God and impact lives they will otherwise never reach themselves. Their generosity and "Kingdom perspective" is a humbling example to me.

Finally, I need to thank all of you who have purchased any of our products, or who have partnered with me as a Spirit Blade Insider. Our company is small enough that when I say "your purchases and financial support make what we do possible", that isn't an abstract or "big picture" philosophical statement. It's real, and it's practical. YOUR purchase or donation (and yes, I mean you individually), made the difference. I wasn't able to pay for this computer just a few months ago, but now I can, which means Spirit Blade 3 can move forward as planned.

Of course no one I've mentioned would have contributed at all if the Holy Spirit hadn't equipped them and moved or orchestrated their involvement in some way. So I'm also reminded of the constant dependence I have to have on God, and the constant gratitude he is owed for every good thing that comes my way.

Thank you so much for being a part of what Spirit Blade Productions is doing. I hope you'll continue to join me as we step into the future in anticipation of what God has planned.

-Paeter Frandsen

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy  
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