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Spirit Blade 3 Production Begins!

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Spirit Blade Productions Newsletter, April 30th, 2012
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Spirit Blade 3 Production Begins!

You may notice that there are no images in this edition of the newsletter and that it is also running a little late again. The spring season is always a major crunch for me, and this year it seems to be "crunchier" than ever with a new website in the works, restructuring of the blog and podcast, the Spirit Blade Card Game preparing for a summer release (if God sees fit) and Spirit Blade 3 FINALLY launching into official production!

Although I still haven't finalized the subtitle for the project, production has begun anyway. So far I have had three returning Spirit Blade actors record their material for Spirit Blade 3, including Kristen Self (The Computer), Jesse Tessier (returning as Claudius Falcore) and Mark Pennington (Sanctafi, Shock Trooper).

I've also completed recording with Beth Pennington, who you may remember voiced the role of The Overseer in "Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream". Beth will be playing a VERY significant role in Spirit Blade 3, but I'm not ready to spill any beans on it just yet.

In just a few more weeks, Michael Tully will be flying into town for three days to record his singing and dialogue as the one and only Raan Galvaanik. (He will also probably be contributing heavily to another future blooper reel while he's here!)

Lastly, I'm in the process of scheduling Sean Anthony Roberts (Saolos) to come and record sometime this summer! 

Spirit Blade: Special Edition Commentary, Part 1

I'm finally getting around to recording the long overdue commentary for "Spirit Blade: Special Edition". I just released the first part today and you're the first to hear about it!

This multi-part commentary will focus on the numerous changes  made when re-creating the mix for Spirit Blade, and will also include some behind the scenes tidbits that didn't make it into the original commentary for Spirit Blade.

You can listen to Part 1 in the player below, or use the direct download link. Enjoy!


 Direct Download- http://www.spiritblade.net/downloads/SBSE_Com1.mp3

"The Summer Of Free" and Card Game Test Players

Once again we'll be celebrating "The Summer Of Free" at The Spirit Blade Underground. I'll be highlighting a number of cool, geeky entertainment options that are 100% legal and FREE!

One way I'll be launching the summer-long event this year is with the release of the Spirit Blade Adventure Card Game Play-tester Kit. The kit will be a fully functioning version of the Spirit Blade Adventure Card Game (to be released later this summer if all goes well) that I will make available for free to anyone who wants to download it.

In addition, the kit will include a survey that, if completed and returned to me by the included deadline, will give you a credit as a play-tester and also make you eligible to purchase the Spirit Blade Adventure Card Game at production cost when it is released!

Stay tuned for a mini-edition of the newsletter announcing when the kit becomes available.

As always, there's a TON more to explore at spiritblade.net!

Thanks for your support!

-Paeter Frandsen

Spirit Blade Productions : Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy  
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